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There now follows an alphabetical list of some commonly used words/phrases/abbreviations that you might see in the newsgroup (or via other weather-related sites on the WWW), but which may not be readily understood. The list has been prepared in association with Paul Bartlett, David Reynolds and many others: I would welcome suggestions for inclusion, but I will also scan the posts in the newsgroup and if I see a word/phrase/abbreviation that is causing problems, I will include same.

Where a longer explanation is required, a Q/A in the FAQ will be worked up, and referred to hereunder. For the professional/academic community, these terms etc., will not be rigorous enough, but I ask for some understanding in this respect, as the list is intended to convey the 'idea' of a concept, process etc., so that casual readers in the newsgroup can keep up with discussions without having to delve too deeply into a meteorological textbook. However, if I've made a fundamental mistake, then by all means let me have a corrected entry for consideration.