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Climate Change

Web sites relating to Global Climate Change.

This section is intended to give a list of sites on the Internet (biased towards the European area) that give information relating to the climate change discussion.

Met Office / Hadley Centre
The Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction & Research, is an integral part of the Met Office (located at Exeter). The centre is the focus of research into the scientific aspects of climate change and this site provides a useful starting point for information. It is funded via contracts from UK central government, particularly the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and the European Commission (EC).

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is jointly funded by the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) and the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP). It aims to assess the raw science and the effects of climate change, and offers mitigating options or strategies for adaptation to human-forced climate change. This particular link will take you to the web site of working group 2 (WGII), which deals with impacts, adaptation and vulnerability, but is a useful jumping-off point for the whole range of IPCC activities.

Climatic Research Unit (University of East Anglia)
The Climatic Research Unit (CRU) is a small organisation, but is generally recognised as one of the leaders into the study of natural and anthropogenically-forced climate change. It works in collaboration with the Hadley Centre and other organisations (though independent from such), looking at climate history, the impact and cause of change and trends for the future.

Tyndall Centre
The Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research is funded by several research councils within the UK, and also gets some central government support. It aims to develop strategies for sustainable response to climate change, and acts as a focus for dialogue (nationally and internationally) across academic, business, media and government interests, as well as helping to educate the general public.

BBC Weather Centre information pages (BBCi)
Although there would not be any 'original' research on this site, because of the world-renowned status of the BBC, and particularly its web-site (BBCi), this source is a useful first-point of call for those wishing to brief themselves on the climate change debate. It can be recommended particularly for school-level studies as a jumping-off point to some of the other sites mentioned in this section. The BBC is funded by the UK broadcast licence fee.

UK Climate Impacts Programme
The UKCIP aims to help organisations assess how they might be affected by climate change. It is funded by DEFRA and based at the University of Oxford. No underlying science will be found here, rather advice based on work by, for example, the Hadley Centre & the IPCC as to how the UK can adapt to changes foreseen.

Climate Change FAQ
This is the classical way that the old 'usenet' community would keep itself updated on specific topics: by having a FAQ (Frequently Asked/Answered Questions) list available. At the time of writing this section, you should note that this FAQ was last updated in 1997, so care needed.

MMU Student Guide to Climate Change
This is a huge document, intended as a briefing resource for students studying on the various environmental courses at the Manchester Metropolitan University. I don't think it is intended that you plough through it from page 1, but by using the menus, some very useful information is contained therein.

US Global Change Research Information Office
To quote from the home page .. "since 1993, disseminating scientific research information useful in preventing, mitigating, or adapting to the effects of global change." As it is US federal government funded, it carries weight and offsets somewhat the oft-held view that all in the States don't care about 'global warming': careful perusal of this site suggests otherwise.

Evert Wesker's site relating to the climate change debate
This is a personal site maintained by someone who works in the Oil industry - no, don't switch off! There is much good sense here, as well as many links to other points of information. Issues addressed are those that we all think about / discuss from time-to-time.

Alastair McDonald's site, primarily relating to sea-ice changes
Alastair's particular interest lies in the changes of sea-ice and ocean temperatures - particularly in the Northern Hemisphere. The site is particularly useful for the comparison over recent years in the extent of Arctic sea-ice.