Maps, diagrams, leaflets, books, posters, videos etc., etc.... how can I get hold of these?

For books, it is always a good idea to give the reference section of your local lending library a chance. What you seek may be held on the shelves and you can search for titles, subjects etc., at many of the larger libraries and order them if they are not immediately available. Books long out of print, and not held in a public library may be found sometimes in second-hand book shops. The National Meteorological Library may also hold the item and for serious research, a call to them might be beneficial (see here).

Between them, the UK Met Office & Royal Meteorological Society offer a selection of charts, leaflets, educational packs and the like for sale which often will be of great help, for example to students and teachers in the subject. Other publications may also be obtained (if currently in print) from the Stationery Office (formerly HMSO).

  • The Met Office: on-line at and follow the link via "Education and Weather", or "Enquiries and comments". This latter link will allow you to email a request to the Information Officer. Alternatively, for callers within the United Kingdom telephone 0870 900 0100 (national rate call) to speak to the information officer (normal working hours only). Outside of the UK, use +44(0)1392 885680: appropriate international rates apply.
  • The Royal Meteorological Society: on-line at and follow the link to Publications. Full details of items, price, contact addresses etc., are to be found on this comprehensive site.
  • The Stationery Office: on-line at, and use the search facilities, typing in key-words as required. Books published by the former HMSO might still be available via this site.