Is there anywhere I can go to look up past weather information and refer to specialist meteorological literature?

As part of the Public Met. Service, the Met Office maintains the National Meteorological Library and Archive (NML&A), which are open to all, particularly those with an interest in meteorology, both amateur and professional. The main facilities are located at Exeter, Devon (see below for Scotland and Northern Ireland). [Historical note: prior to autumn 2003 (Library) and autumn 2004 (Archives), these facilities were in Bracknell, Berkshire.)

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The Library houses weather summaries extending back well into the 19th century, and has an excellent collection of literature, covering most of the earth sciences. It also holds most of the specialist scientific journals on the subject - several from volume 1 number 1, e.g. Weather, Meteorological Magazine, Weatherwise, Journal of Meteorology etc. The Archive holds weather charts from 1867 and observation registers for many sites at home and abroad. (For Met.code buffs, the Library also holds copies of the WMO international coding manuals.)

It would be advisable, before making a lengthy journey, to contact the Library Information desk to discuss your requirement and confirm opening times etc. See the web site for contact details.

(Email: for the Library for the Archive)

Archives for Scotland & Northern Ireland are held in Edinburgh and Belfast respectively.