Where can I find sites specifically relating to leisure-marine meteorology?

If you want a site that explains many of the mysteries surrounding weather terminology with an ocean-going slant, or a handy site of forecast marine-weather links, or somewhere to find out how to get the best out of NAVTEX broadcasts, then look no further than Frank Singleton's page at:

also, Martin Stubbs has a set of pages with very useful links of interest to the maritime community, and the section relating to email request of products via the US NWS is particularly worth a visit:

The Met Office of course has a sub-area devoted to marine forecasts: this was overhauled in Autumn 2006 with clickable maps for the forecasts and warnings. Find this area via:
[ and you can also use this page to link-through to the Maritime & Coastguard Agency / MCA, for whom the Office provides the basic 'public-service' forecasts. ]

The RNLI site is very useful, and emphasises the part that weather awareness plays in enjoying your sport safely - find their home page at:

And for the forecasts issued by the Met Office on behalf of UK agencies (principally the Maritime & Coastguard Agency) follow these links:
Shipping Forecast ( offshore activities, beyond 12 miles of the shore-line)
(this is the forecast broadcast 4 times a day on Radio 4 LW)
[ Met Office site ]
[ BBC site ]

Inshore Waters Forecast(within 12 miles of shore / short version)
(this is the forecast broadcast twice a day on Radio 4 LW, and copied to CEEFAX page 409)
http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/ukweather/inshore.shtml [ BBC site ]

Inshore Waters Forecast (within 12 miles of shore / long version)
(forecast provided through funding from the Maritime & Coastguard Agency)
http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/marine/inshore_forecast.html [ Met Office site ]

The BBCi website has all the forecasts (& other information, e.g. gale warnings, tides) in one useful area:-
and choose the category as listed: Gale (& other marine) warnings are found via the 'Shipping Forecast' tab.

And finally, a site for text bulletins of forecasts issued by National Meteorological Services (hosted by Météo France), is now available at:-
To quote from that site: " this web site provides the marine weather information broadcast via Inmarsat-C SafetyNET by all National Meteorological Services (NMS) appointed as Issuing Services within the framework of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System. " (It is sponsored by WMO).