Where can I find sites detailing extremes, notable past events etc?

With the increased availability of web-space for home use provided by many ISP's, many contributors to usw have provided data on past weather events for anyone to view. The list here is begging to be added to, so if you have such a source of data (for European events), then let me know.

TORRO host a site detailing extremes for such as temperature, wind speed etc., at:

Dr. Trevor Harley, Dundee University has worked up the following interesting site of 'notable' events: (via)

Martin Rowley has a series of pages on his site which might be of interest:

The Met Office/National Climate Information Centre publish summaries at:
these are produced & uploaded as soon as practicable after the end of the month. You will also find some summaries of 'notable' events via this link as well - well worth a visit!

The BBC Weather Centre publish some monthly summary information - find it on their site, via 'UK'  /  'Year in Review':

Philip Eden is providing a growing catalogue of past data, along with current indices (CET, EWR etc.) at this site:-