Thickness Extremes

The 6 figures presented below show maximum and minimum values of total thickness (h[500] - h[1000]) in dekametres. PLEASE READ THE CAUTIONARY NOTES BELOW:

6 panel showing max/min thickness values

HIGHEST BRITISH ISLES:.... 576 dam in July & August around the Channel Islands.
LOWEST BRITISH ISLES:..... 491 dam in January around the Shetland Islands.

  • Locations/values are deliberately displayed in general terms as these data are extracted from small-scale charts. They are here given to roughly define the 'reasonable' limits of total thickness values.
  • The series covers the period 1945 - 1993, so extremes may not be up to date. Also the early years analysis would not be as accurate as middle/latter parts of the series.
  • Data are extracted from records held at the National Meteorological Library. They are displayed here purely for amateur/educational use. If you wish to use these values in any way - i.e. to support an article, you must contact the NML (see the FAQ for details), and obtain detail and permission.