Example of output

This section is simply describing what the various lines, coloured areas are, what interval/units the contours, isobars, colour-filled areas use etc. The use, or meteorological significance of the fields are dealt with in a separate section here.

The Sembach site is here.

IMPORTANT: I am not going to attempt a description of the full range of products, just the ones that might be most useful to those who want to 'dip-in' without much knowledge.

UKMO (with forecaster interpretation)

NB: The output viewed on this site is based on 'raw' Met Office model products, with forecasters at Sembach interpreting same by adding the fronts - the cloud representation is based upon model relative humidity fields. Bearing in mind that UKMO 'FAX' output is sometimes heavily modified as seen on other sites (e.g. Wetterzentrale, Westwind), there may be significant differences seen at times from (apparentley) the same centre's output.

 Example: Brief description of parameters (etc.) on charts shown.
sembach output example
Yellow lines: MSLP isobars (units = hPa / interval = 4 hPa)
Conventional frontal symbology: click HERE for examples of types of fronts etc.
Grey shading: Cloud-amounts (roughly for the layer 6000 to 14000 ft [ 1800 to 4300 metres ] /i.e. 800 to 600 hPa), inferred / integrated from upper level relative humidity fields. See caption at foot of each chart for explanation.
Blue/Green circles (varying size) or crosses (varying size & shapes), or triangles: precipitation types, intensity etc. See matrix at foot of each diagram for more details.