Where can I find sites relating to Severe Local Storms?

For the British Isles, then the Tornado & Storm Research Organisation (TORRO) has, since 1974, co-ordinated research into the full range of severe convective storm events - tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, waterspouts etc. Their site can be found at http://www.torro.org.uk/

Another developing, and very useful site with a focus on current data relating to severe storms within the UK, and educational material about such events can be found at http://www.severewx.co.uk/

In 1997, an organisation was formed to perform similar functions covering Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Follow this link for their site: http://www.tordach.org/

Les Crossan maintains a very interesting site to cover his passion relating to all 'storm' phenomena at http://www.uksevereweather.org.uk/