How do I use the [WR] and [OBS] prefixes in the newsgroup?

Observations are the lifeblood of meteorology. The newsgroup is a valuable resource in this respect and many of us contribute reports of what is happening 'out of the window'. To enable those who don't always want to look at every report of fog, snow, rain etc., a system of prefixes in the Subject line of a post has developed as below:-


This follows from a suggestion by David Buttery in early 2001, and is used to highlight reports of weather in plain language. This has proved very useful. Example (in the Subject line) ...

[WR] 1050 GMT snow falling now in Reading

with the body text then amplifying this brief 'heads up'.


this follows from a suggestion (in mid-December 2004) by David Mitchell, as refined by Dave Ludlow, that those posting a sequence of observations (perhaps semi-coded), could usefully indicate this in the Subject line thus:


[OBS] Bracknell Wed 15 DEC 2004

Use of this convention would then enable a search engine to pick out and list data from defined stations on specific dates etc. It is further suggested (BUT NOT MANDATORY) that some form of approximation to the METAR code could be used to list these sequential observations. For more on the METAR code follow the appropriate see here.

However, please note that it is not intended to follow this slavishly: most will heavily amend the format and looking at the newsgroup will make this clearer.
(subject to review)