When did the FAQ series come into being?

Following a discussion on the use of Total Thickness (500-1000 hPa) in the winter of 1996/97, it was suggested that I (Martin Rowley) turn a posting on the subject into a FAQ, and this was done, the result being formally posted / uploaded on the 1st March, 1997.

There then followed suggestions that a more general FAQ be provided - I undertook to manage / collate same, and the first FAQ in this series was published mid-May, 1997. The FAQ was updated routinely, and a companion Glossary was added in 1998. In addition, several other documents have been provided, which are all linked from the FAQ / Glossary series. The aim is to help those who are not steeped in all the jargon to get the best out the discussions, and simply enjoy our varying weather / climate.

As of Christmas / New Year 2006/07, Martin ceased to be responsible for updating this FAQ. It has now (2007/8) moved to this new site (http://weatherfaqs.org.uk) and is now maintained by myself (Steve Loft) using the Drupal content management system.