Software and support

Suppliers of software and associated support services.

Richard H. Brockmeier
(look in the folder called 'Software' for downloads)
Services supplied: Shareware for recording weather observations (Weather Log). 

Angel Dimitrov, Department of Meteorology, Uni.of Sofia
Services supplied: MeteOS 2002 is a system for creating a wide range of weather plots and loops. It's useful for operational forecasters and weather researchers. It takes data from different ftp servers, starts a numerical model and creates plots. (copied from the MetOS web page ... this application appears to be a very sophisticated tool - see the web site.

Colin Tandy
Services supplied: A range of Windows(TM) software to extract data from the GTS, which are available on the Internet. The data can then be manipulated & presented to professional standards. In particular, "WeatherPlot" - a master menu driven program to call sub-routines to sort / plot surface and upper air data. SYNOP data in particular can be plotted to any scale, for uploading to a web page or printed locally. Tephigrams (or SkewT) & Hodograms can be plotted to assess upper air developments and the 'classic' upper air charts also produced. Designed for both the amateur and professional meteorologist and private aviators and glider pilots. For more details, see the web-page. 

Weather Graphics Technologies (US site)
Services supplied: The Digital Atmosphere UK software will automatically download weather data, then display as standard plots, MSLP analyses, wind field analyses etc. Other parameters can be contoured as required. Other software packages are available.

Services supplied: Free software for Davis Vantage Pro and Pro2,  Oregon Scientific WM918 and WMR918, WMR 928 and WMR968, and Fine Offset weather stations.