About the units used in this FAQ

There is always a problem with units in meteorology, because the 'operational' community use, and are used to, different units to those of an academic/theoretical persuasion, and so our trade is littered with anomalies! In this FAQ, I have used degrees Celsius for temperature as this will be familiar to most, but for height/altitude, both feet (used by the aviation world), and metres/km equivalents are given - mostly approximations. Wind speeds, where given, will be in knots (used in practical observing/aviation forecasting) and metres/second. The relationship between the two units is assumed to be knots=2*m/s, as only approximations are quoted. Note also that other approximations are often used, for example the Dry Adiabatic Lapse Rate is quoted as 10 degC per 1 km, whereas it is calculated to be 9.8 degC/km. (See here)