About uk.sci.weather

The following is an extract from the Charter for the newsgroup: "This group is essentially for the discussion of daily weather events, chiefly affecting the UK and adjacent parts of Europe, both past and predicted. The discussion is open to all, but contributions on a practical scientific level are encouraged. It may also contain postings of observations during interesting weather episodes. The group is expected to be patronised by both amateurs and professionals (including academics), but it is primarily for weather enthusiasts rather than research scientists. Any discussion of climate issues should be from a scientific standpoint and not a political (or environmental-activist) one." (See here for full copy source)

PLEASE NOTE: Binary files, (such as interesting satellite images, or weather charts) should not be posted into the newsgroup. To do so is a great annoyance to users, and contravenes the Acceptable Use Policy of some ISP's and associated peering carriers. Post such files into newsgroups specifically set up to carry binary-encoded information, and then post to the uk.sci.weather newsgroup the location. Alternatively put on your own web site.

There is a little more about the newsgroup history in the section on USW history.