Some suppliers of meteorological equipment and associated services.

Equipment & services.

General suppliers of equipment & services.


Barber InSys

The WS family are a range of professional meteorological sensors for temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, precipitation (type & quantity), wind speed/direction. Digital communication via the Lufft UMB open protocol interface module for integration into OEM systems such as pollution monitoring or road weather information systems etc.

Campbell Scientific Ltd

The supply of professional automatic weather stations, including configurations approved by The Met.Office. The systems use high-quality components and so are not the cheapest. However, they are accurate, rugged and reliable and can be configured according to requirements.

Casella Limited

An extensive range of Classical Meteorological Instrumentation for monitoring temperature, sunshine, airflow, humidity, pressure and rainfall. Along side the classical range, Automatic Weather Stations are available. These resilient units use new technologies with easy to use WindowsTM software and a wide range of sensors to measure meteorological variables.

Diplex Ltd
(Current status of this company is unknown: 22 Jan 2008)

Diplex have many years experience in the supply of an extensive range of quality equipment at affordable prices to both the amateur and professional/educational community. Conventional thermometers, hygrometers, barometers and rain-gauges are of course available, but rugged, easy-to-use distant-reading electronic units to monitor temperature, relative humidity and rainfall are also offered. An inexpensive instrument screen for self-assembly is available and a wide range of recording instruments in attractive mountings, including barographs, thermographs, hygrographs, thermo-hygrographs, along with complete Weather Stations (analogue & electronic/wireless): anemometers are also supplied.

Fairmount Weather Systems

Fairmount are manufacturers a wide-range of meteorological instrumentation, from traditional to the latest design. The range includes: Automatic Weather Stations, Environmental Monitoring Systems, Data Collection Platforms & satellite reception systems. Some items available (from a wide range) are: copper rain-gauges, autographic recorders, wind vanes/anemometers, tipping bucket rain-gauges & a full range of high-grade thermometers. Also available are pens, charts, spare parts etc., as well as sunshine cards for Campbell-Stokes recorders. The company also manufactures products under design & development contracts as well as precision engineering in their own workshop.

Instromet Ltd (was R & D Instromet)

Weather monitoring instrumentation with classic analogue dials and digital readouts in real wood cabinets or brass cases with optional PC Data-logging. Automatic Weather Stations with large memory,battery back-up and Windows(TM) 'family' software. Parameters measured:- Wind speed, Wind Direction, Temperature, Sunshine Duration, Rainfall, Humidity, Automatic Internet up load. Stand-alone sensors for Wind Speed and Direction, Sunshine Duration etc. Wind Speed/Direction Alarms and Actuators.

McMurdo Ltd (was ICS Electronics)

The Davis range of weather stations - high precision Weather Monitoring solutions for Home and Industry users. Sensor options include: Anemometer, pressure, rainfall, temperature and humidity. Industrial systems also offer UV, Solar radiation and Leaf wetness. A comprehensive Windows (TM) computer data logging interface and a wide range of installation options are available: see web site for more details.


The supply of various weather instrumentation, including raingauges, barometers, hygrometers, thermometers, complete weather stations etc. Also Stevenson-pattern screens & various electronic instruments.

Meteorologica Weather Superstore

From individual items of equipment, through 'desktop' weather monitoring displays to fully-featured weather stations (wireless & cable), this on-line source is fully featured and a wide variety of stock is available. Software & books can also be purchased and of particular interest to many in this newsgroup, a range of lightning detectors. All items can be ordered via the site, paid for using recognised credit / debit cards.

Munro Instruments (the Meteorological Division of the Munro Group)
Munro Instruments supply a wide range of meteorological & hydrological equipment sales & service. Since 1892, Munro has achieved a reputation for excellence in providing instruments & systems of the highest quality to measure, monitor & record environmental phenomena. They offer a full range of equipment from 'traditional' weather observing instruments to the latest electronic equipment. Munro supply equipment to meteorological offices, water authorities & government departments world-wide.

Prodata Associates Ltd
(1) The Davis range of weather instrumentation including the new Vantage Pro range of stations; (2) Software and expertise for linking weather stations to personal computers.

Russell Scientific Instruments
A wide range of products, including 'traditional' instrumentation, digital 'distant reading' units & a variety of thermometer (or 'Stevenson') screens. The firm will also undertake restoration of such as hall barometers.

Sales and Service Company
59A, Station Road, Chingford. London. E4 7BJ (UK)
Tel: 0208 505 3280 (intl: +44 208 505 3280) Fax: 0208 559 0425 (intl: +44 208 559 0425)
Service and supply of spares, recording charts, pens, inks etc., for all types and makes of autographic instruments. Suppliers of weather instrumentation, including: barometers, rain gauges, frost predictors, thermometers, hygrometers, hand anemometers etc.

Skye Instruments Ltd.
A British company with a world-wide reputation for the design & manufacture of high quality environmental instrumentation. Skye’s MiniMet weather station is an accurate yet low-cost system, which can be customised to suit individual requirements. Meteorological parameters such as relative humidity, air/ground temperature, solar radiation, wind speed/direction, rainfall, leaf wetness & barometric pressure can all be monitored. Downloading weather records also possible, through a direct cable link for local installations or a GSM mobile telephone link for remote locations.

Skyview - The Weather Company
Skyview is based in the UK, and supplies a wide range of meteorological, hydrological and marine instruments to commercial, civil, avionic and military authorities worldwide: the equipment would also suit the keen amateur, with competitively priced units ranging from hand-held anemometers and wireless rain-gauges to complete weather monitoring systems (wireless or cable). The company offers a wide range of high technology software and equipment, along with a spares and after-sales support service for such as Oregon, Davis & Lacrosse.

Weather Front/the UK Weather Shop
A wide range of products such as books, posters, thermometers, barometers, anemometers, rain-gauges. Also the latest electronic weather monitoring and recording equipment. All from major manufacturers such as Davis Instruments, Oregon Scientific, Kestrel, BariGo, Diplex etc. See online catalogue or visit the shop. Full details and secure online purchasing available on web site.

Software and support

Suppliers of software and associated support services.

Richard H. Brockmeier
(look in the folder called 'Software' for downloads)
Services supplied: Shareware for recording weather observations (Weather Log). 

Angel Dimitrov, Department of Meteorology, Uni.of Sofia
Services supplied: MeteOS 2002 is a system for creating a wide range of weather plots and loops. It's useful for operational forecasters and weather researchers. It takes data from different ftp servers, starts a numerical model and creates plots. (copied from the MetOS web page ... this application appears to be a very sophisticated tool - see the web site.

Colin Tandy
Services supplied: A range of Windows(TM) software to extract data from the GTS, which are available on the Internet. The data can then be manipulated & presented to professional standards. In particular, "WeatherPlot" - a master menu driven program to call sub-routines to sort / plot surface and upper air data. SYNOP data in particular can be plotted to any scale, for uploading to a web page or printed locally. Tephigrams (or SkewT) & Hodograms can be plotted to assess upper air developments and the 'classic' upper air charts also produced. Designed for both the amateur and professional meteorologist and private aviators and glider pilots. For more details, see the web-page. 

Weather Graphics Technologies (US site)
Services supplied: The Digital Atmosphere UK software will automatically download weather data, then display as standard plots, MSLP analyses, wind field analyses etc. Other parameters can be contoured as required. Other software packages are available.

Services supplied: Free software for Davis Vantage Pro and Pro2,  Oregon Scientific WM918 and WMR918, WMR 928 and WMR968, and Fine Offset weather stations.