Some magazines/periodicals etc.

Some magazines/journals which deal with meteorology, atmospheric sciences etc., on various levels are listed below: (N.B: If I've missed any, particularly for Ireland and regional areas in the UK, please forgive, but let me know the details so I can publicise!)

5B.1 THE JOURNAL OF METEOROLOGY: published monthly (sometimes every 2 months), in association with TORRO (see also here). Write to:- The Journal of Meteorology, PO Box 5161, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH10 4WJ. [ This magazine is an excellent read for all interested in meteorology, and although it has a core specialisation in thunderstorms and allied phenomena, it also carries well-written articles relating to a wide range of general meteorological topics. Also contains a statistical summary of the UK weather for a selection of sites and detailed summaries of thundery/tornadic activity. Suitable for anyone with a keen interest in the subject, both amateur and professional. ] Visit the website at:

5B.2 WEATHER: published monthly by the Royal Meteorological Society (see also here) write to: -Royal Meteorological Society (Weather Subs), 104, Oxford Road, Reading, Berkshire. RG1 7LL. [ This well produced magazine contains articles covering the full range of the meteorological science, from 'case-studies' of single events, through reviews of notable months/seasons in recent and long-past history, to long-term climatological and atmospheric physics surveys. You also get the monthly 'Weather Log' (currently edited by Philip Eden), which is an invaluable record of the weather, as it contains a series of miniature daily weather maps covering Europe and the North Atlantic, and a written summary of the weather, statistics etc. Suitable for all levels of expertise, both amateur and professional. ] follow the appropriate link from:

5B.3 METEOROLOGICAL APPLICATIONS: published quarterly in association with the Royal Meteorological Society (see also here) Write to:- Journals Marketing Dept., Cambridge University Press, The Edinburgh Building, Shaftesbury Road, Cambridge. CB2 2RU. [ This magazine, (which replaced in large measure the long-running 'Meteorological Magazine' series in the UK), is aimed primarily at professional meteorologists, and users of meteorological services - hence the 'applications', and some of the subjects are given a rigorous mathematical/physical treatment. Despite this, keen amateurs would find something of interest in most issues, but unfortunately the annual subscription may be rather steep for many. ] follow the appropriate link from:

5B.4 QUARTERLY JOURNAL OF THE ROYAL METEOROLOGICAL SOCIETY: published eight times per annum by the Royal Meteorological Society (see also here). Write to:- Royal Meteorological Society (QJRMetSoc), 104, Oxford Road, Reading, Berkshire. RG1 7LL. [ This publication is one of the leading meteorological journals in the science. It contains the results of ground-breaking research in the atmospheric sciences and applied meteorology. Its deep treatment of the subject, plus the annual subscription level mean that this publication is aimed at the academic and professional end of the market. ] follow the appropriate link from:

(NB: the Royal Met.Soc web site also contains useful links relating to other, more specialised magazines that are available.)

5B.5 CLIMATOLOGICAL OBSERVER'S LINK - BULLETIN: published monthly. Details (and a specimen/free copy) are available from: Roger Brugge, 16 Wootton Way, Maidenhead, Berkshire. SL6 4QU. [ Roger Brugge is the secretary of COL which aims to publish the bulletin by about the 24th of the following month --- whilst the previous month's weather is still relatively fresh in the mind. They claim that the bulletin is one of the fastest sources of monthly meteorological data to be published. In addition to the monthly station summaries (currently around 300), there is a synopsis of the month's weather, letters page, mean surface pressure maps etc.] for more details, go to:

5B.6 WEATHER EYE: Three issues per year. Details via the web site: or from: Frosted Earth, 77, Rickman Hill, Coulsdon, Surrey. CR5 3DT [The following is taken from the description on Ian Currie's web page..."If you have ever marvelled at a spectacular sunset, 'Weather eye' is for you. If you have set up a thermometer or rain gauge in the garden or regularly tune into the TV or radio for a Weather Forecast then 'Weather eye' will keep you absorbed in what is a fascinating subject"]